Botogen Nano Silver Ambient Hygiene Spray



Usable for home, office, cars and similar closed areas. Silver-nano ions, assists to destroy the microorganisms and bacterial anti hygienic environment. Prevents allergen reactipns and gives hygienic scent. Ozon friendly. No hazardous for human health.


For Office,Room,Home; To ensure long-term efficiency, the applied area should be clean and dry. The application time is 2-3 minutes. (For an area of between 10-20 m2) Shake aerosol well before use. Click button and activate product. Keep close windows and doors during application time. You should wait for 10 minutes after application and ventilate the environment. No staining, moisturizing and corrosive effect.

For Cars; Start the Engine.Turn On Air Conditioner. Set The Fan Mode Highest and A/C Air From Inside Car (Re-Circulate). Wait 10 Minutes For Cool Down Inside Of The Car. Shake Well Before Use. Put the product under the Passenger Seat. Activate and Lock Spray Header. The process will take 1.5 minutes. Make sure the doors and windows are closed during the process and Nobody Should Be In The Vehicle During Application !


Keep container closed. Keep away from childeren. Keep in room temprature.


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