Botogen Fabric Protector

Strong automobile fabric protective, facilitates cleaning, prevents contamination.
Super water repellency.
It prevents staining.
It is also suitable for household items such as upholstery, sofa, pillow, curtain and carpet.
Simple and easy to apply in one step.
It leaves the application area clean and odorless.
It can be applied safely on all fabric types. (Before use, make a preliminary test in an invisible place)
It does not prevent the fabric from breathing.
The product is reapplied after washing and long use.



If the place to be applied is dirty or there are stains, it is cleaned.
Protect non-fabric surfaces from over-spray.
Shake the bottle well. To avoid color sensitivity, make a preliminary test on a small invisible area before use.
Spray the product with slow movements by holding it upright from 15 cm from the fabric surface. For a strong protection, apply twice. Lightly spraying the product 2 times in a row is more effective than spraying 1 time strong and intensive.
Wait 2 hours for the product to dry and do not use the applied area.
Reapply the product after every wash or annual maintenance.
Protection and permanence of the product depends on usage.

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